2019 Concrete Products Series by ArtByJakov x NEAT

Brute. Elegance. Artisan. Just a few adjectives that define ArtByJakov x NEAT products. 

We are proud to present to you the latest 2019 concrete products serie made by ArtByJakov x NEAT collaboration.

So, get ready and feast your eyes on stunning concrete product collection: Crossing Border. Each object in these collections is particularly unique and one-of-a-kind. In fact, we suggest you shouldn’t wait too long to acquire one of these remarkable pieces, considering that once they are gone, they’re gone forever…

Inspired by the love for all things naturale, team has taken the commonplace concrete to dizzying heights of creativity. The products from collection Crossing Border clearly display the love for adventure. With a large portfolio of lighting and designed accessories for homes and office spaces , ArtByJakov x NEAT latest collection edits is truly spectacular in its range and sensibility.

W A T E R (L x W x H) - 80 x 270 x 270 mm, LED Lamp

“Every piece brings a smile to the face. The products are beautiful, clever and well crafted. Their versatile usage makes them a great addition to any space imaginable!”

M I N T (L x W x H) – 98 x 98 x 65 mm, Tray

“ArtByJakov x NEAT products feel ‘real’. Honesty, both in form and function, without any frills, is to me the essence of all ArtByJakovx x NEAT products.”


S69X (L x W x H) - 98 x 98 x 98 mm, Tray

“Each piece has a little something that makes it unique. Be one of the early users of ArtByJAkov x NEAT products and continue to love the evolved expanded range of products that are on offer now. Durable stylish and functional, what more can one ask for!”

THE DEATH OF SHAKESPEARE (L x W x H) - 80 x 270 x 270, LED Lamp

Complete your interior style with a unique and timeless design product made from concrete. More importantly, new additions are added to the collections regularly. Keep an eye on this page, and follow ArtByJakov and NEAT Concrete Design on Instagram, to stay up to date with latest work.



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