Contemporary Art - The Gold Serie

 The Gold serie by ArtByJakov

For artist working in contemporary art means always reinventing yourself. The Gold Serie is the newest art series from ArtByJakov, as a part of Monumental and Tranquil: The Seaside Collection. In these art pieces the artist uses imitation gold to achieve an effect of the sun rays that are hitting the surface of the water in the last moment before the sunset.

It is my first art series with texture and imitation gold; just abstract forms covered with a tiny layer of gold.

Dark Blue/Light Blue 24" x 32" (60×80 cm)

Dark Blue/Light Blue №3 24" x 32" (60×80 cm)

Abstract art gives an opportunity to express emotions and continuously search for new directions and ways in art. For this contemporary art serie, ArtByJakov chose to work with a large bright surface and apply the gold in an abstract form.

I searched for more expression, to distance myself from flat surface limitation and work in a texture form. With the tiny layer of gold I was able to create a bright light.

As in all of previous works, ArtByJakov uses many layers of acrylic paint. The color combinations are based on the Seaside Collection.

The colors of the gold series are more divided, that gives an opportunity for gold elements to pop. In fact, the same thing happens when I on the flat surface, giving an opportunity for one color to make a lead, but here the color division is equal.


Red 24" x 32" (60×80 cm)

Light Blue/Dark Blue №2 (60×80 cm)

Not only are all paintings sold ready to hang, but we provide free worldwide shipping. The art piece will be carefully packed and ready to become a part of your interior. 

Dark Blue/Light Blue 24" x 32" (60×80 cm)

Red 24" x 32" (60×80 cm)
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