LUCIDA Apparel x Cosmos Illusion Museum

Every day is a new day to be seen. Each of us can be brighter than constellation with LUCIDA apparel!

LUCIDA Reflective T-shirt F*UCK (Size M)

LUCIDA Reflective T-shirt F*UCK (Size M)

In December 2020 LUCIDA apparel team collaborated with Cosmos Illusion Museum (Riga, Doma laukums 1) and released new shots of reflective T-Shirts collection on Instagram.

LUCIDA Reflective T-shirt BLUE (Size M)

   Sparks flew when the dancer Madara Baltiņa collided with Lucida’s urban label. The four pieces capsule collection was presented in the most unusual way, in the end creating the effect of infinite space around the dancer.

The highlight of collab will undoubtedly be THE performance dance – pulsating, lively, vivid and it will be presented later in year 2021. #commingsoon

The LUCIDA apparel t-shirts, which are unveiled on Instagram, are a nod towards the midnight rave and its faithful followers. With only 4 pieces produced, the collection is available to buy exclusively on

LUCIDA Reflective T-shirt F*UCK (Size M)

We would like to encourage everyone to find their own light and shine brighter every day!

Be the one who shines together with LUCIDA
T-shirt description:
✔️Handmade by @artbyjakov
✔️100% cotton
✔️Made with graffiti and reflective color
✔️Size: M (in photo)
✔️Suitable for men and women
✔️Color change, when take a photo with #flashlight or direct light
#LUCIDAapparel T-shirts are suitable not only for women but for men as well.

Discover yourself with LUCIDA


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