Reflective graffiti design: LUCIDA apparel

Highlight yourself and be it. #LUCIDAapparel
Do you want to stand out from the crowd? LUCIDA is a new band name in the field of handmade apparel. 100% cotton T-shirt with graffiti effect with smoky reflection is a prestigious products made only in one copy.
LUCIDA garment will automatically catch the eye of those you wish to attract without you needing to employ what's called 'Hope Marketing'...
...don't worry they'll see you. They cannot not do.
The mesh oversized top with reflective effect is a great summer, spring, and autumn unisex street style wear. We invest time in every detail to make our prestigious T-shirts more unique to you. LUCIDA enjoys every second in process of making something wonderful.
This black or white rave graphic tee is irresistible in the ensemble with skinny jeans, classic trousers, track pants or any other hype style. If you are ready to stand out and declare yourself, to attract attention, such a minimalist top is exactly what you need. This festival shirt is a great opportunity to show your stylish individuality.
Clothing that gives a sense of belonging to the same fashionable people all around the world. Add to the mix reflective so that it is hi viz at night and you have a winning formula possible for the highest visibility and therefore also personal safety for children and adults alike.

The artist used graffiti paint that possesses highly reflective qualities when light is shone directly onto the painted surface. One of a kind t-shirt is not only a great addition to your wardrobe, but also an art object that has it’s own eccentric value.
Be the one who shines brighter with LUCIDA. Check he collection here. Every piece is available for sale. Stay tuned and catch new reflective designs on Instagram @lucida_apparel 


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